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The Workshop

The Association „Ateliere Protejate” has a protected workshop after the western Europe model. Here people with disabilities make candles, from simple designs to decorative candles with ornaments. This kind of work makes possible a further development of disadvantaged people. In particular by choosing activities, can act individually for rehabilitation.

The workshop offers the possibility of integration into social life and at the same time the personal development of people with disabilities. They are often marginalized. Community is thus requested to aid the reintegration of these young people.

The workshop is targeted again, that other arrangements in Europe, to keep a balance between economic and educational. This is important to real products articles (which can be sold), which are generally useful. Only people who work there so get the necessary validation of the society.

The workshop is called „House Boxberg”, founded in 2002, with the support of Boxberg village in Germany.

Program workshop:
Monday to Thursday between 8 to 16 and Friday, between 8 to 14.


(for companies in Romania)

Tax Code enables a sponsorship of a company to an association, because it offers the opportunity to drop sponsorship of income tax payment, within certain limits.

Legal persons, valid Tax Code 1. January 2007 provides:

Title II, Chapter II, Article 21 (4):
p) expenses of sponsorship and / or patronage and expenditure on private scholarships awarded according to the law …, is deducted from income tax amounts due, if the total of such expenditure meets all the following conditions:
1. is a limit of 3 per thousand of the turnover;
2. does not exceed more than 20% of corporation tax payable. …

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